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In search of a guaranteed parking space?

We offer several different subscriptions at our VICKY locations for unlimited access! Stop worrying about where to park and inquire about the possibilities for a VICKY subscription at a location near you!

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Easy & Stress free

By connecting supply and demand, VICKY ensures parking capacity in city centres is more efficiently utilised. Join the VICKY community and get access to a unique parking offer, or rent out your unused parking space via our platform.

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The app with which you can easily and quickly find a parking space within our community. VICKY the parking assistant is here for you!

Save time & money
Avoid driving around and
decide what you pay in advance

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Join VICKY’s Smart Parking Network
and share your parking space with our community

Effortlessly find and book
your desired parking space.

Save time, save money
Decrease travel time significantly
for other drivers

Help improve the community
with renting out your parking

Contribute to a better environment
With your effort we make the world
a better place

How VICKY works

Within our community, private owners, hotels and businesses create an exclusive offer by renting out their unused parking spaces. By making parking places available that are not publicly accessible we make more efficient use of the limited space in large cities. That is what makes VICKY unique.

Use our unique offer
to find a parking space in
your area, based on your
current location or final destination.

Plan your trip
and reserve your parking space in advance,
or purchase one of our subscriptions for unlimited access.

Make smart decisions
by filtering on distance,
hourly rate and reviews from other VICKY members
to find your ideal parking space.

Contribute to a
better environment

VICKY has been developed by people who believe in the possibilities of cities and their inhabitants. Within communities, the best results are achieved when everybody contributes to a common goal. Our goal is to provide a sustainable solution for the structual parking problems in our cities. And we need your help with that!

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The founding team

La famiglia

From left to right: Sander Kok (Community Manager), Steven Kesler (Community Architect) & Pieter Groot (Community Mayor)

The founding team consists of three young entrepreneurs from Amsterdam with different personalities and divergence in experience and skills, but with one shared passion: developing a sustainable solution for the parking problem. These are the faces behind VICKY.


For questions or an introduction, you can contact us via the contact form. By answering several questions in advance, we can respond to your application in a targeted manner. We will then contact you as soon as possible.