Hi, I’m Vicky.

Your personal parking assistant!

Whatever your parking need is, I’m on my way to assist.


I’m happy to help you with:

Guaranteed parking in any situation

So you can be sure you’ll be on time for that important meeting.

Get on the road stress-free
An affordable alternative for a parking permit

No permit? Not a problem!

This is how it works
Your guide from parking to fun

I’ll show you the way from your front door to the best shopping street.

From A to B without any fuss

Away for a day, or to stay?

Whether you are going for a nice day out, or looking for a safe and secure place to store your metal horse. Vicky has got you covered in most places!

Download the Vicky App and find your parking spot.

Where are you going?

How it works?

It’s easy!

I like to shift into fifth gear when it comes to parking. With in-app navigation, a guaranteed parking spot and public transport advice, you’ll be at your destination in no time. Vicky’s way always wins!

Do it Vicky’s way

1. Enter your final destination

Let Vicky know where you’re going, she’ll take care of the rest! With a list of options and up-to-date prices, there won’t be any surprises. And Vicky will advise you on the best way to your destination.

2. Use our in-app navigation

Don’t know where you’re going? Vicky luckily does and has got your back! Let Vicky’s built-in navigational wonders guide you to your destination.

3. Safe, easy and contactless parking

Your personal parking spot is waiting for you where your loyal metal beast will be safe and secure. Enter contactless and leave your car behind with peace of mind.

4. Local tips and public transport

Vicky has been places. She’s eager to give you some recommendations, or help you plan your trip to the finest details.

No permit? Not a problem!

1. Find a parking spot close to you

Let Vicky know your location and she’ll show you undiscovered locations for your long term parking.

2. Customise your subscription

Want to park during office hours, on the weekend or only in the evenings? It’s entirely up to you!

3. Unlimited parking

Done! During the hours you’ve selected in your subscription you can drive in and out as you see fit. It’s your parking spot!

4. Changed your mind?

Need a different subscription? No problem! Don’t need a subscription at all? You can cancel monthly.

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