Assess your chances

We give each other an update every 2 weeks. The main topic is: what is going well and what do you need help with? If everything goes smoothly, you are ready to use your skills for new opportunities.

Make the most of yourself

Working on a park bench, abroad, or hybrid? That’s all possible. You follow training (partly) during working hours and have one day a week to work on your own project.

Be a viking

Vikings are creative, self-reliant, adventurous and they work at Vicky. Above all, make your voice heard, come up with ideas and implement them. Especially when you have to color just outside the lines. 

“Fancy to come and hug our Chief Inspiration Officer?”

Steven Kesler – Founder

That’s how we roll at Vicky

You do your thing. If you need guidance, you can have it. Your team is your supporter. Every month we delve deeper into the teams’ to-do’s, in which we set up actions that help each other. This way you have a nice cross-pollination.

Working together to achieve the highest possible result

We want more, but the best possible way. So we need everyone’s knowledge and qualities. Not only to give Vicky customers and clients the best experience, but also so that you feel completely at home in your workplace.

A unique approach

Vicky guarantees parking convenience in your pocket. Even on the busy streets of the city center. You park without panic, without a parking permit, with ease and pleasure. Do you work with us? Then you can park for free at any location.

New methods and effective processes

Because we discuss the updates with each other every two weeks, we constantly optimize. We pay extra attention to the things that need more attention at that moment. Refreshing ideas about Vicky and how to organize the work more efficiently are always welcome.

Our application process

Applying with us is a piece of cake. With Vicky it’s all about the conversation. We will understand you and you will get to know us. Douze points? Then we go one step further. Easy, right?

Initial interview

You send us your motivation and CV. Then we will have a nice exploratory conversation where we get to know you and you get to know us and Vicky. You have that conversation with Steven . Did that go well? Then we are also curious about your skills.


Reason to be nervous? No. We do a role play in which we are curious about how you approach a conversation. We test your empathy and how quickly you absorb tips. We do this at a different location than our head office. You will hear that automatically.

Welcome Viking

Our team consists of Vikings. In the final conversation we will discuss your contract. Then we will have a final drink at the bar with the entire team and the founders. This way you get to know everyone a little and they get to know you too.

What colleagues say about Vicky

Who better to convince you than your (future) colleagues themselves? Three of our Vikings have their say below.

“With Vicky I discovered that hard work, fun and success go hand in hand”

Working at Vicky is a great experience. It is a place where creativity and collaboration are encouraged. The mission to work together with a young and dynamic team towards the same goal inspires me every day. With Vicky I feel valued and part of a team that really makes an impact.

Ivo Putman , Sales Manager at Vicky

“Vicky is a great place to work with young, motivated people and cool projects”

Vicky is a fantastic place to work. It is full of young, creative people with big dreams, and they help us grow and be creative, making it a great employer that truly values ​​the development and innovative spirit of its team members and creates a supportive and inspiring workplace.

Jurrian Lammerts , Tech Lead at Vicky

“When I first started at Vicky, the young and dynamic team caught my attention”

I feel understood and seen in my visions and motivations. Your opinion towards anything is appreciated and heard. What really makes it special is the family/friends vibe. You are not just colleagues that work towards one dream but you also care for each others well being.

Van Nguyen , Sales Manegerin at Vicky Deutschland

Your own place with Vicky

We are still looking for nice people in our team with cool ideas, a cheerful smile and a lot of energy. Is this something for you?

Partner Manager

€2000 - €3000
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Customer Service Agent

€2000 - €2700
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Back-end developer

€5000 - €6000
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Senior Sales Manager

€4500 - €6000
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(Bijbaan) Customer Support

€1250 - €2000
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Medior/Senior Fullstack JavaScript Developer

€5000 - €6000
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