How do I make a booking via the map?

I work best when I know your final destination. To do this, use the search icon at the top left of the map and enter your final destination. I’ll show you my parking locations nearby and your travel time from these Vicky locations to your final destination. Did you find a suitable location? Press on the price as displayed on the map, then on the image at the bottom of the screen. I’ll take you to the screen where you can make a reservation or start a Parking Direct action. Do you choose to make a reservation? Great! You’re guaranteed to have a parking spot. Once you’ve arrived at the Vicky location, you can easily drive in and out of the garage with your booking. You’ll find this under “Bookings” at the bottom of the menu. And with the button “Enter parking spot” you’ll open the barrier. Are you leaving again? Don’t forget to press on the “Exit parking spot” button, so I know you’re on the move again.

The gate won’t open even though I’ve made a booking

Yikes, that’s annoying. This probably has to do with the location settings of your phone. Before opening the barrier, I need to know if you’re near the garage. That’s why it’s important that I have access to the location service of the phone. You can easily change this. I only use the location to see if you’re nearby when you open my app. I don’t use any other data! You can check whether your settings are correct in the Vicky app via the screens: More -> Edited account -> Scroll down to Application settings.

I want to start a Parking Direct action with iDEAL

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but parking with iDEAL via Parking Direct isn’t possible. This is only an option with a credit card. But don’t worry, you can still park with a reservation. If you’re standing in front of the barrier, you can easily make a booking. After a few simple steps, your reservation will be activated immediately. Just don’t forget to book extra time if you’re approaching the end of your booking term and you wish to stay longer. That way you’ll avoid additional charges!

I would like to make a booking but I don’t see any parking spots

Loading the parking spots can take a while. You’ll see a grey radar in the top right corner of the screen when I’m loading the parking spots. When you’re parked, the only garage you’ll see on the map is the garage where you’ve parked your car. You can still make a booking by adding garages to your favourites. It’s also possible to make a booking at the garage where you’re parked. In the app you only have to find your current booking and press “Parking details”.

Can I enter and exit whenever I want?

Do you have a reservation? Then you can drive in and out as many times as you’d want during the time frame of your booking! Very convenient if you’re planning to do some shopping or when you’re on a trip. Use the buttons “Enter parking spot” and “Exit parking spot” to do so. You’ll still have access to your reservation when you return!

How do I pay for my booking?

There’s two ways to pay for your booking.

-For immediate parking, you use your credit card. The amount will be debited afterwards and you therefore pay per actually parked minute.

-For a reservation, you can choose between using iDEAL payment or your credit card. You always pay in advance when making a reservation. Of course you can extend your booking at any point if you wish to be parked longer.

Before you can use any payment method, you’ll have to add it in the app. Find the “More” button at the bottom of the menu and then press on “Payment methods”.

Can I stay longer than the time that I’ve booked?

Depending on the availability of the parking spot, it’s possible to extend your booking. Go to your current booking via “Bookings” and choose “Extend period” under the three (•••) dots in your booking screen. You pay in advance for the extended period. Make sure you do this in time, otherwise the spot may already have been assigned to someone else. You’ll moreover end up paying an increased rate. Of course we both prefer to avoid that at all cost!

How do I access the parking spot?

You can arrange it all yourself via the Vicky app. How great is that? Are you at the parking location? Then go to your current booking, via “Bookings” at the bottom of the menu. With the button “Enter parking spot” you gain access to the parking lot. Is it an enclosed area? Then the “Access on foot” button will appear, via that button you can leave the location on foot.

What do the hourly rate, the minimum price and the 24-hour price entail?

The hourly rate is the fee that we charge for an hour of parking pleasure. After a full hour, the fee we charge increases every minute until you reach the 24-hour rate. • The minimum price is the minimum fee that we charge. We don’t add this fee to your bill: it’s an advance payment on your parking spot. • The 24-hour rate is the maximum fee that we charge every 24 hours. Have you reached the 24-hour rate? The fee won’t increase after this: after 24 hours the metre starts running again starting from the minimum fee and until you reach the 24-hour rate again.

I accidentally stayed too long… Now what?

Oops, then an increased rate probably applies. Vicky indicates well in advance through three different notifications when your booking expires and when you have to extend it. In order to receive these notifications, always make sure to grant the app permission to send them. No worries: Vicky only sends messages with information about your booking, nothing more and nothing less! If you have not extended your booking in time, you’ll first have to pay the increased rate. You’ll then have access to the booking again for 15 minutes. This allows you to either leave the parking spot or extend the booking. Being punctual has never been more functional: it prevents unnecessary costs and you’ll help Vicky use the parking lot as efficiently as possible.