How do I make a booking via the map?

I work best when I know your final destination. To do this, use the search icon at the top left of the map and enter your final destination. I’ll show you my parking locations nearby and your travel time from these Vicky locations to your final destination. Did you find a suitable location? Press on the price as displayed on the map, then on the image at the bottom of the screen. I’ll take you to the screen where you can make a reservation or start a Parking Direct action. Do you choose to make a reservation? Great! You’re guaranteed to have a parking spot. Once you’ve arrived at the Vicky location, you can easily drive in and out of the garage with your booking. You’ll find this under “Bookings” at the bottom of the menu. And with the button “Enter parking spot” you’ll open the barrier. Are you leaving again? Don’t forget to press on the “Exit parking spot” button, so I know you’re on the move again.