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Vicky loves convenience, including when it comes to working together. That’s why we work quickly from a short date to a long-term relationship. Which is less exciting than it sounds. Thanks to reliable members and a transparent app, you always know exactly what’s going on in your car park.

1. Say hi to Vicky!

Please leave your details and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours on working days. We’ll discuss the possibilities during an appointment.

2. Connecting to the cloud

Are you a match for Vicky? Go for it! We’ll visit you and your site will be connected to our cloud within 2 hours.

3. Rent out full throttle

Let those cars roll in! From now on, your car park will always be filled with well-reviewed Vicky fans.

This is what renting out via Vicky will give you

Vicky fans don’t just park their cars on your property. Members of the community are judged on their behaviour, punctuality and parking frequency. In the meantime, you’ll be checked on the cleanliness of the location, service and reliability. That way you both know where you stand.

Unique parking spaces make Vicky more than just a parking platform. On your page in the app, we promote the unique features of your restaurant, hotel or business. A description and photos ensure that lots of Vicky fans stop by for a bite to eat or a drink.

Your rented out parking space is and remains your property. Vicky is there for the gaps, but she can also manage your whole site like a professional car park. Even your own employees can rely on the app for a permanent space. Is their shift over? Then the spaces will go back out for rent.

Of course, you want to know what’s happening in your car park. You can easily keep tabs on that through all the parking data in the app. It shows all parking activities in real time. You can authorise several people, so you’re not the only one who can contactlessly manage the car park.

Would you like to offer your neighbours a parking space? Or would you like to be the parking solution for commuters and tourists? Together, we create a marketing plan, ensuring that the right Vicky fan drives their car to your car park.

Do you want to know what Vicky can do for you?

Enter the details of your car park below and Vicky will do the rest. You’ll immediately receive a customised turnover forecast. Try it out!

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Where do we get all these beautiful parking spaces? Well, here! Will you be amongst them soon? Sign up and make the most of your parking space.

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