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How do I contact Vicky’s helpdesk?

You can easily arrange this via the app. Via "More", at the bottom of the menu and then "Live support" you choose "Live chat" or "Call the helpdesk". Between 07:00 and 21:00 live chat messages are answered within two minutes. Outside these hours you can call the emergency number in an emergency or press "Call the helpdesk", then you will be immediately forwarded to an employee.

How do I contact the lessor of my parking space?

Once you have booked a parking space, you can chat with the landlord. Go to "Bookings", click on the booking and click on the chat icon. When you have started a chat with someone, you can find and continue it under "Messages".

How much does it cost to rent out my parking space through Vicky?

Starting a rental business is a piece of cake! Starting is free, because we charge a fee on the parking fees collected, so if no parking actions take place, it won't cost you any money. For more information, please contact We are happy to help you on your way with renting out your parking space via the Vicky app.

How do I make a booking via the map?

I work best when I know your final destination. Use the search icon at the top left of the map screen. Enter your final destination here and I'll show you my parking locations in the area and your travel time from this Vicky location to the final destination. Have you found a suitable location? Then press the price on the card and then the image at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the screen where you can make a reservation or start a parking action immediately. Do you choose to make a reservation? Top! Then you have a guaranteed parking space. Once you have arrived at the Vicky location, you can easily drive in and out of the garage yourself via your booking. You will find this under "Bookings" at the bottom of the menu. And via the button "Enter parking space" you open the barrier. Are you leaving again? Then don't forget to press "Exit parking space", so I know you're gone.

The gate won’t open while I’ve made a booking

Ooh, that's annoying. Most likely it is due to your location services on the phone. Before opening the barrier I need to know if you are near the garage. That is why it is important that I have access to the location service of the phone. You can easily configure this in the phone's settings. I only use the location to see if you are nearby when you open it. Other data is not used! You can check whether the settings are correct in the Vicky app via the screens: More -> Edited account -> Scroll down to Application Settings.

I want to start a parking action immediately with iDeal

Unfortunately, then I have to disappoint you. Parking with iDeal via Parking Direct is not possible. This is only possible if you link your credit card. With a credit card it is possible to start a parking direct parking action. But don't worry, you can still park via a reservation. If you are standing in front of the barrier, you can easily make it within a few steps and this reservation becomes active immediately. Just don't forget to book extra time if you are approaching the end of your reservation and decide to stay longer. That prevents extra costs!

I would like to make a booking but I don’t see any parking spaces

Loading the parking spaces can take a while. You will see a gray radar in the top right corner of the screen when I am busy loading the parking spaces. If you are parked, you will only see the garage on the map where you are parked. You can still make a booking by adding garages to your favorites. It is also possible to make a booking at the garage where you are parked. Then go to your current booking and press "Parking details".

Can I enter and exit in the meantime?

Do you have a reservation? Then you can drive in and out as often as you want during your booking! Handy for when you want to do some shopping or for an outing. You use the buttons "Enter parking space" and "Enter parking space" for this. Your booking will remain active for when you return!

How do I pay for a booking?

You can pay for a booking in two ways.

    • For direct parking you use your credit card. The amount will be debited afterwards and you therefore pay per minute.
    • For a reservation you can use an iDeal payment or your credit card. You always pay for your reservation in advance when making the booking. Of course you can always extend this if you stay longer.
Before you can use a payment method, you must have added it. You can do this easily via the menu at the bottom of the screen via the "More" button and then "Payment methods".

Can I stay longer than the reserved time?

Depending on the availability of the parking space, it is possible to extend your booking. Go to your current booking via "Bookings" and choose "Extend period" under the three (•••) dots in your booking screen. You pay in advance for the extended period. Make sure you do this in time, otherwise the place may already have been given to someone else and they won't be able to park. In addition, you end up in the "Increased rate", and of course we prefer not to!

How do I access the parking space?

Via Vicky you arrange it all yourself via the app, how cool is that? Are you at the parking location? Then go to your current booking, via "Bookings" at the bottom of the menu. With the button "Enter parking space" you get access to the parking lot. Is it a closed area? Then the button "Access on foot" appears, via that button you can leave the location on foot.

What does the hourly rate, the minimum price and the 24-hour price mean?

• The hourly rate is the price per hour, which increases per minute, starting at the minimum rate and up to the 24-hour rate. • The minimum price is the minimum amount charged to the tenant. This amount is not added to the account, but is an advance. • The 24-hour price is the maximum amount charged per 24 hours. Have you reached the 24-hour rate? Then the amount stops increasing. After 24 hours the amount starts to run again until you have reached the 24 hour rate again.

I accidentally stayed too long… now what?

Oops, then you're probably in the increased rate. Vicky indicates well in advance on three different notifications that the booking is almost coming to an end and you have to extend it. Therefore always give the app access to the notifications on your phone, Vicky only messages you about information about your booking, nothing more and nothing less! If you have not renewed in time, you must first pay the increased rate. You will then have access to the booking again for 15 minutes to leave the parking space or to extend the booking. So be on time, that prevents unnecessary costs and you help Vicky use the parking lot as efficiently as possible.

Can I park outside my access package?

Yes, that's possible! Vicky allows you to park earlier or later than your subscription. This is only possible if the availability of the garage allows it. You then pay the regular hourly rate for the time that you have been outside your subscription. Do you want a guaranteed parking space before or after your admission package? Then you can easily make a reservation for the entire period that you want to park. The app automatically takes your subscription type into account.

Where can I find my access package?

If you have taken out a subscription with Vicky, you will be assigned an access package in the app. You can find these via the "More" button at the bottom of the menu and then "Access packages". Click on the location where you have the access package and you will arrive at the location screen. As soon as your access package has started and is activated based on the access package times, a purple button "Enter parking space" will appear. Via this purple button you park prepaid on your subscription. When you leave again, press the purple button "Exit parking space" to leave the garage again. Tip #1: If you have entered multiple license plates, select the correct license plate in your account, otherwise the purple buttons will not appear. Tip #2: You can also add your Vicky location with access package to your favorites.

I would like a subscription, where can I find it?

You will find the prices for long-term parking (subscriptions) at the various locations on our website. Here you can request a subscription at the bottom of the form. On working days Vicky will contact you within 24 hours

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